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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I store a message?

    You store messages in your SMSKeeper™ inbox by forwarding the message from your phone to +447810701702. You can get the + sign by pressing twice or holding down the zero or star key when entering the number.

Can I use it from my network?

    You can use SMSKeeper™ from any network which has the ability to send text messages to the Vodafone network in the United Kingdom. If in doubt, try sending a message to +447810701702 - if you get a text message back with a password, then it will work.

    Please check with your network provider relating to charges, as international text messages may cost more than normal text messages and may not be included in your inclusive messages.

Can SMSKeeper™ store the original sender of the messages?

    Due to the way that messages are forwarded by the mobile network, the messages we receive show your number - as the forwarded message comes from your phone. This is useful to us, as we use that number to match the messages to your account, but it does mean that we can't automatically show the original sender of the message, as we never receive this information from the mobile networks.

    However, we provide a quick and easy to use way to add this information to your stored messages. In your account, you can add a list of contacts - names, and optionally numbers too. You can then tick the checkbox next messages from a certain person, and pick their name from the "Set Contact" dropdown menu, and all their messages are automatically matched up with their name.

    Once you've done this, messages will be displayed, exported or printed with the original sender's details.

Other questions?

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