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SMS Access Numbers

Messages sent to these numbers will be stored in your SMSKeeper™ inbox.

  • +44 7810 701702 - Full Service, Worldwide Access (Vodafone-UK Network)

  • 41411 - USA - Storage Only* - Add the word KEEP to the start of the message when forwarding to this number.

    US 41411 supports AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin & Cricket, and Alltel.

    * Note that registration and password functions are ONLY available to US customers by texting 011447810701702. The 41411 shortcode number is only available for message forwarding. You must include KEEP at the beginning of your forwarded message when using 41411 in the US. This prefix is not required when using the worldwide access number +447810701702.

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