SMS storage without limits
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How it works

SMSKeeper™ is an online storage solution for your overgrown text message inbox.

You forward text messages from your phone to SMSKeeper™'s phone number. SMSKeeper™ stores your messages in a limitless inbox which you can view online. You can then delete the messages from your phone, freeing up space for new messages.

Extra cool features

Once messages have been forwarded to SMSKeeper™, you can sort them into folders, search your messages, and even select messages to print or download. The one thing we won't let you do is run out of storage space!

Warning concerning important messages

Please check your online inbox to verify the storage of any important messages before deleting them from your phone, as we cannot be held responsible for messages lost due to failure to arrive at SMSKeeper™, or which are delayed or discarded by your mobile provider or any third party network.

Message Security

Your messages will be stored on a server in our secure data centre. Your messages will not be forwarded to any third parties, or made available to anyone unless required and requested by law enforcement personnel or court order.

Our message storage areas are backed up to a secure location approximately every 20 minutes to safeguard against message loss in the event of equipment failure.

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Although we do not charge for use of the service, your phone/messaging provider may charge for forwarded messages.